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"Amy the Potter"


2.5 hour 
Recorded Workshop 

I share daily video footage from my studio. Longer videos are posted on my YouTube "POTcast". Shorter reels can be found on YouTube shorts, Facebook, and Instagram.


I am restocking my Etsy page, and will eventually have pots listed here for sale as well. If you are ready to purchase and don't see what you're looking for, just email me!

I am gathering a list of intermediate potters interested in a year-long wheel throwing production pottery apprenticeship. Just send me a message if that might be you!

I'm so excited about this new chapter of my pottery life!

Contact Amy 

I'll get back to you soon xoxo

My Pottery Story

I had planned to go to med school, but after my first year of college, a series of "wake up!" accidents led me to shift my life vision from my perception of "successful" to my own creative, unpredictable, and radically enjoyable life. 

Inspired by Joseph Campbell's wisdom, I made the clear choice to "follow my bliss." Ceramics became my #1 class choice and I spent most of my college hours sitting at the pottery wheel.

After college, I trained as a production potter in Lake McQueeney, Texas. I worked 60 hours a week for nearly a year, doing only wet clay work (throwing and trimming). There were around 20 employees; I was one of 10 potters, and the only woman.

The McQueeney Pottery had such a colorful cast of characters, and I was lucky to be placed in the room with the more experienced throwers. These were truly incredible, international potters. Thanh Binh ("Tea") Duong, the master potter, and I wound up falling in love and when my apprenticeship was over, we moved to Eugene and started Circle Dove Pottery. 

I learned an incredible amount from Thanh Binh over those years, and feel eternally grateful for the opportunity to have been so close to him and his generous teaching and wisdom. 

Once on my own, I became "Amy the Potter" and developed my own line and style. I was very successful and proud of my business. I sold pottery at the Saturday Market for 25 years and really thrived there. 

Over the years, my intuition has guided me towards many other passions: Nia, Processwork, Realization Process Meditation, Bioenergy, Coaching, writing a book.... I've been so fortunate to follow all of these flirts and passions! 

Recently, I moved to California and set my pottery studio up after a long break (almost 5 years!). Needless to say, I'm thrilled to be back at the wheel! 

Lately, I've been doing lots of Pottery teaching and streaming on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube. I've started making pots that are new to me, stretching myself creatively, and developing new glazes and a new line of work. My partner Nima changed careers and is now diving into the studio with concepts and styles of his own! He adds so much to my work and helps me with so much behind the scenes. 

In 2024, I will be taking a cohort of potters through a 9-month production pottery apprenticeship. If you would like to be considered for the program, send me an email and I will send the invitation and application. Applications are due by 1/1/2024.

I am sending so much love and gratitude to everyone who has supported me on my various journeys. May we all keep striving towards the best life ever.

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