By meditating on the internal space of the body, we connect more deeply to ourselves, others, and our environment.

Realization Process Meditation

This simple Realization Process moving meditation sequence helps you locate and inhabit the internal space of your body.

Experience spontaneous self-healing from moving with deepened awareness, and find grace as you continue to "dance" through your day.

The movements in the Stillness Moving sequence are subtle and simple, in order to help us hone a profound quality of awareness.

How would it feel to fully inhabit your body?

Realization Process meditation, developed by Judith Blackstone, is the simplest, most direct, non-dogmatic path I have found towards

(yes!) enlightenment, a state of total presence.


The practice hones and deepens our ability to make deep contact with ourselves within the internal space of the body.


In our head-focused society, most of us have lost the instinct to do this! 

It can be quite a shock to realize that we don't actually "live" inside our bodies. The process of returning home to the body is delicious, simple, pleasureful, challenging, and self-loving. 


Realization Process helps with all parts of life: we feel more comfortable in ourselves. We recover access to our power, emotions, intelligence, sexuality, and voice. In relaxing the internal space of our minds and bodies, we see, think, hear, feel, taste, and sense clearly.



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