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A Simple Practice that Cultivates
Profound Somatic Awareness

Guided meditations facilitate access to the internal space of the body.
We can connect more deeply to ourselves, others,
 and the environment.

Realization Process

Stillness Moving
Weekly Classes

Online and in person!
Fridays 10-11am PST
Email Amy to Join

This Realization Process movement practice is for all levels and abilities. The tai-chi-like sequence guides us to inhabit the internal space of the body.

The movements in Stillness Moving are subtle and simple, in order to help us hone a profound quality of awareness. 

Spontaneous healing often arises as a result of regular practice.

What does "inhabiting the body" mean?

Realization Process practice hones our ability to make deep contact with ourselves so we can locate ourselves within the internal space of the body.


In our head-focused society, most of us have lost this connection. 

It can be quite a shock to realize that we don't actually "live" inside our bodies. The process of returning home to the body is delicious, simple, pleasureful, challenging, and incredibly self-loving. 


Realization Process helps with all parts of life: we feel more comfortable in ourselves. We recover access to our power, emotions, intelligence, sexuality, and voice. In relaxing the internal space of our minds and bodies, we can see, think, hear, feel, taste, and sense clearly.



What students are saying:

“After Stillness Moving, my body felt like it was glowing. I was amazed at how whole and integrated I felt after the session. I loved the new awareness of places where my body was gripping that Amy gently and consistently invited us to practice. I feel that this piece alone was life-changing. The whole practice felt like an exquisite, slow dance. And Amy has such a beautiful blend of deep knowledge and skill along with very loving wisdom and joy as a teacher.” —Participant


"When I started Stillness Moving, I had lots of cricks everywhere, and they all went away!"



“This was really beneficial and I would even say profound. I have been practicing RP rather intensely for a year now, mostly sitting down. The benefit of this is that it is easier to remember RP when I am in life. So much appreciation for this.” —Participant


“Stillness Moving is just what I need to ‘inhabit my body.’  I've been using that phrase with intention, yet I didn't know how to move myself into the inside of my body! Thanks, Amy!  This slow, intentional movement is just what I need now!”—Participant

Try it with me:

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Stillness Moving

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